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Stichting TAK Nederland has 4 board members. They are each presenting themselves below.

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As a member of the board TAK The Netherlands, my passion for Africa started when I moved to Malawi to work and live. Malawi was followed by Nigeria, Kenia, Uganda and South Sudan. As development professional I am involved in (international) relief anddevelopmentwork as from 1990. At the moment I am based in the Netherlands, however for my work I travel a lot to and in African countries. I am very much convinced that investment in local capacity / capability is the key for success. As such I have seen so many good examples that motivates, inspire me to invest in African talents, particularly young people and woman as they form the corner stone of the Africa society. Education, skill training and especial social enterprise development are crucial to make individuals independent and responsible for their own development. For that reason I am fully in support of the activities of TAK Foundation and Stichting TAK.




As a member of the board TAK The Netherlands, I hope to give a solid and sustainable support to TAK Kenya; an organization were the focus is on women. Women are the cornerstone of society. Their role in development of their families and communities is crucial for the development of a country. In my professional life as a former HR-General manager and now Lecturer on The University of Applied Science Leiden,I experienced the talents of people. People,especially women are capable of big improvements. In my regular stay in Kenya I came across very talented women. This strengthened my ideas that the activities of TAK Kenya are on the right track. Education and clean water will help woman to facilitate their efforts for improvements.




Having worked in TAK Kenya from its inception in 2011 till December 2016 and living in East Africa, I have a good understanding of the vision and mission of TAK in Africa and the needs in Kenya and East Africa. I am happy to take up the role of member in TAK Nederland to bring this to the next level and provide my knowledge and support where needed. I am passionate to create jobs for young people and in particular for women as they focus on the families. In my current profession as regional manager for ICCO Cooperation I am visiting many projects related to women, youth and agribusiness. This will help me also to advise TAK and link education, skills and water in order to improve lives.




I am happy to serve TAK Nederland as the board member. I joined the beginning of 2018. I am retired for several years now, but keeping myself busy with meaningful volunteer work overseas, sharing my knowledge in business and development work.  Over the past years I have stayed in various African countries at different times being a EU Aid Volunteer for the ICCO/ACT consortium in East Africa (Uganda & Ethiopia), working on reducing vulnerabilities to disasters. I have also volunteered to provide Disaster Risk Management training for South Sudan, Kenya and DRC as well as worked in Nes Amim (Israel) for half a year. I worked for ZOA in Sudan and in between I did some strategic change projects in the Netherlands for the Free Reformed Churches, where we are a member of the Driebergen congregation. Till 1999 I managed my company called Keyprojects in a variety of interim, program management etc. functions in industry, cooperating and having shares in different consortia. As an industrial economist (Rotterdam/Washington) I joined the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, was Secretary at VNO/NCW and joined the MANS Foundation for industrial innovation policies/training and was CEO of the TopTech Delft, the postgraduate school of Delft University of Technology. I am married and I have 4 adult children and 6 grand children. 
I am exited to contribute out of all my experiences to the TAK board and I will assist in the development of bottom-up projects/programs as servants to our Lord.

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