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  • Vision Statement

Dignified and fulfilled livestyles of women, children and youth and hence communities engaging in sustainable initiatives and processes that meet their short and long term needs.

  • Mission Statement

Passionately facilitate enabling environments and processes for partners and beneficiaries to see and seek their full potential in life  as they engage in personal and social sustainable life and developmental lifestyles for their well being.



Tamalaki Education Center offering Early Childhood Development Education, Primary Education and soon Secondary and Technical Vocational Education Training to the community



TAK Foundation offers water drilling, plumbing, surface water harvesting and hydro geological surveys for shallow wells both manual and mechanical where the profit earned is redirected back to the foundation projects



Social Entrepreneurial Economic Development program offers community empowering skills to women and youth in computer, bakery, saloon, bridal shop, oil pressing poultry and restaurant



Other than visiting game parks and reserves in Kenya, Tak Tours offers visitors a opportunity to visit foundational projects in West Kenya Kajiado and Coastal region on women project education programs and water drilling

Women first! TAK Foundation was initiated by women. Our passion is to help women live dignified lives. Even though women at the bottom of the pyramid have not had many chances in life, they know very well what they want. That’s why the initiative needs to come from the women themselves and they need to approach us for help. This ensures ownership and sustainability of our projects, and gives the women dignity.

Capacity Building:

TAK Foundation believes in strengthening the women and youth who are key group in society for sustainable socio-economic development in the society. Capacity building is done through training in group dynamics, financial basics, saving and loans, business skills, and specific income generating activities such as animal husbandry, poultry, oil pressing, farming or craft making. The groups strengthen the social position of the women.

Basic education:

Imagine: You get a drug prescription but you are unable to understand it. Or your child brings home a note from school that you cannot read…. Being literate is a necessity and expands the worldview of the women we help. It also inspires them to survive in the harsh circumstances they often live in. Education is a basic foundation for progressive and sustainable societal development. To realize that TAK Foundation is committed to applying an integrated Montessori teaching approach to develop skills in children to reach their potential

Women Rights:

Many women face violation of women rights. This ranges from abuse by family and their husbands to being sent away from the husband’s property when the husband dies. Some women are left with nothing else than the clothes they wear. Through sustainable social economic empowerment, TAK is committed to empowering women to understand their rights and responsibilities in the society.

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  1. God – TAK Foundation believes in God as is written and guided in the Holy Bible. Its values derive from biblical principles and teachings.TAK Foundation will serve God’s people under His submission for His Glory.

  2. People – God made humans in His image and purposed them to live dignified lives in sound relationship with Him, and other parts of creation – the land, plants, water, birds, animals and others.

  3. Stewardship – Humans have responsibility and authority to use the potentials in their environment in a sustainable and caring manner for their beneficial gain and for the glory of God. Humans are accountable for the resources they have under their care and use.

  4. Sustainability – Humans are made with potential and abilities to co- procreate with God in ways that enable continuity and sustainability. TAK Foundation will recognize and elevate values endowed in their clients/partners to facilitate sustainable processes and projects.

  5. Mentoring– TAK Foundation defines mentoring as an accepted/agreed upon process of enabling positive transformation between two or more people.

  6. Partnership – Mutual relationship based on the common goal is pivotal for equal beneficial outcomes and accountability. It enhances the saying that together we stand but alone you are bound to fall.TAK Foundation will partner and work with individuals and organizations who share common values and vision.

  7. Development – TAK Foundation would use the word transformation synonymously as development. It is a process of coming out of state of limitation to plenty, freedom and to release potential to grow. It is a process of change in people of knowledge, attitude and skills to do things differently.

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